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Solar PV - Cylindrical Solar PV Modules - Thin Film

A cylindrical Solar PV module system has been developed that generates significantly more solar electricity from typical low slope commercial and industrial rooftops with lower installation costs than conventional Solar PV flat panel technologies

Solar PV Thin Film - Cylindrical Modules - Image Provided by Solyndra360 Degree Solar PV Modules

When the roof surface is painted white, cylindrical Solar PV modules capture sunlight across a 360 degree photovoltaic surface capable of converting direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight into electricity. The Solar PV modules achieve optimum energy generation when mounted horizontally. On a typical commercial flat roof, they are spaced much more closely together than conventional panels, thereby enabling greater rooftop coverage and increased energy production.

Cylindrical Solar PV Modules - Thin film

The Solar PV cylinders contain Solar PV thin film cells which use very small amounts of material in ultra thin layers. The process uses copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) and by using less of the expensive photovoltaic material reduces the cost of producing the cylinders.

Advantages of Cylindrical Solar PV Modules

For optimum energy production, conventional flat Solar PV panels are generally mounted at an angle.  The cylindrical Solar PV modules perform optimally when they are mounted horizontally and are packed closely together. They cover significantly more of the available roof area, and produce more electricity per rooftop, than a conventional panel installation. The horizontal mounting and unique air-flow properties of cylindrical Solar PV module design substantially simplify its installation process and realises significant savings on installation costs.

Cylindrical Solar PV Modules Stand - Image Provided by SolyndraCylindrical Solar PV Modules – Wind Loading

Because the wind blows through the cylindrical Solar PV modules, no rooftop anchoring is required. Further, the low weight of this Solar PV system enables the installation of Solar PV on a wider range of rooftops. The manufacturers claim that cylindrical Solar PV modules can withstand wind strengths of up to force twelve.

Commercial and Industrial rooftops represent a vast under-utilised resource and offer a huge opportunity for generating Solar PV electricity. The cylindrical module system is designed to enhance Solar PV performance on rooftops by converting more of the sunlight that strikes the total rooftop area into electricity

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